Myopia Control

myopia control

Drs. Eckhart and Wittrock, central Iowa’s experts in myopia control, have dedicated themselves to offering myopia control as an important part of their practice at StylEyes. Parents have options; they no longer have to sit and feel hopeless as their child’s prescription increases every year putting them more and more at risk for future eye disease and potential permanent vision loss. While they can’t promise to stop your child’s myopic progression, our optometrists at StylEyes can slow it down considerably. The sooner your child starts treatment, the lower your child’s prescription stays for a lifetime! Drs. Eckhart and Wittrock have spent hours researching and training with some of the leading experts in myopia control and offer the full range of treatment options for your child including orthokeratology, soft multifocal contact lenses, and atropine therapy. Call today to schedule your free myopia control consultation at StylEyes!

​​​​​​​Myopia is increasing at an alarming rate! Currently, 48% of the US population and 90% of the Asian population is myopic.

The WHY behind myopia control:

  • As myopia increases, so does your child’s risk of

  • Glaucoma - up to 2.46 times more likely

  • Retinal detachment- up to 348.6 times more likely in a high myopia

  • PSC Cataract - up to 12.34 times more likely

  • Myopic Maculopathy- the prevalence of over 50% in high myopia compared to under 1% in the general population

The bottom line: Myopia carries a risk far in excess of any identified population risk factor of smoking and hypertension in cardiovascular disease.

The effect of only 50% myopia control results in a 67% decrease in risk of glaucoma, 74% decrease in risk of PSC cataract, 98% decrease in risk of retinal detachment, and a 99% decrease in risk of myopic maculopathy. Research shows that with proper and early treatment and consistent care, a 50% reduction is easily achievable. In fact, many experts believe over a 90% reduction is realistic. How can you pass up the opportunity to help your child today?

One of the primary methods of myopia control practiced by Drs. Eckhart and Wittrock is orthokeratology. Orthokeratology, or simply ortho-K, uses a molding process to gently reshape the ocular surface while you sleep. Children fit in ortho-K molds wear their molds overnight and enjoy correction free vision during the day. To learn more, click here.