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Digital Eye Strain: An Age-Old Problem with a Modern Twist

Have you ever spent hours cramming for an exam? Getting lost in a book? Sucked into social media? Trying to fix something, wondering the whole time why they make the parts so tiny? If your eyes hurt and your head ached when you finally looked up from the task, you were likely suffering the effects of eye strain.

Eye strain is not a new problem, but it’s easier than ever to feel the symptoms due to the heightened amount of time we spend on digital devices. Working at a laptop or using a smartphone, tablet, or another device may increase your chances of feeling the effects of eye strain.

We can help you manage your eye strain symptoms. With some practical home tips and good eye hygiene, we can ease your tired eyes.

What is Digital Eye Strain?

Eye strain can be caused by any activity that calls for intense visual focus. Digital eye strain, sometimes called computer vision syndrome, refers to the specific strain caused by screen use. 

Reading on a digital screen adds to eye strain, presenting hurdles like poor contrast, glare, and reflections. The angle and position of the screen can further aggravate the problem.

The symptoms of digital eye strain can present as:

  • Sore, tired, burning, or itching eyes
  • Headaches
  • Watery or dry eyes
  • Blurry vision
  • Double vision
  • Struggling to keep eyes open
  • Sore upper body (neck, shoulders, or back)
  • Light sensitivity
  • Struggling with concentration

Digital eye strain symptoms are generally not long-lasting or severe, but they can be exacerbated by untreated vision problems. These symptoms may also be signs of other eye conditions. Our optometrists can confirm if the symptoms aren’t related to something more serious.

Tips to Ease Digital Eye Strain

Ergonomic Adjustments

If you work at a computer most of the day, some easy changes to your surroundings can help your eyes focus, such as:

  • Maintaining good posture
  • Adjusting your screen settings so the contrast and font size works for you
  • Keeping your screen roughly an arm’s length away & just below eye level
  • Avoiding glare and reflections by keeping the lighting soft
  • Making sure your screen isn’t backlit by a window.
  • Using a document holder if you switch between papers and a computer screen

20-20-20 Rule

The 20-20-20 rule is an easy and effective way to combat eye strain. Every 20 minutes, take a 20-second break and focus your eyes on something 20 feet away. Getting appropriate rest is a key part of overall wellness, and that’s equally true for your hardworking eyes.

Dry Eye Treatment

Treating dry eye symptoms can help with the effects of digital eye strain. We tend to blink less when looking at a computer, which leaves our eyes dried out and uncomfortable. Eye drops and keeping the environment you work in eye-friendly—for example, don’t have a fan blowing dry air directly on your face—can help with both dry eye and eye strain.

Use the Right Glasses

If digital work is a major part of your life, consider getting special glasses designed to help with digital eye strain. Lens coatings designed to block glare and reflection may reduce eye strain.

Neurolenses are a technology that’s come onto the market in the last decade that shows promise when it comes to computer work. Neurolenses are designed with a contoured prism to correct eye misalignment.

Have Your Glasses Prescription Fine-Tuned to Ease Eye Strain

Having an up-to-date glasses prescription will also help with vision problems. Visit us for a comprehensive eye exam. We can make sure your glasses are suitable for your lifestyle.

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